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NuVJ Content

NuVJ Content Get more

Content DVD

To get you started immediately, the NuVJ package comes with a DVD-Rom stuffed with 2.2 GB of high quality video footage ready to be mixed with or without effects into the NuVJ Software.

Grouped in topics such as 3D, Abstract, Ambient, Explosion, Landscape and Nature, these visuals have been collected from some of the best providers of VJ clips on the Internet; be sure to check out their web site below for thousands of other great loops!

You can also receive an additional free package of high quality footage simply by registering your NuVJ product!


AV3 Media

AV3 Media offers a large selection of VJ visuals to buy online. With themes ranging from hard urban landscapes to tranquil clouds, their variety of visuals can be used to compliment many moods and genres of music.

AV3 visuals are unique and exclusive, you won't find them on any other web site!

Below is a sample from some of the 40 clips provided by AV3 Media:


Motionloops works with different Freelance artists from around the world to offer a broad range of fresh style content to VJ's, Video Editors and Visual Artists.

The web site's sophisticated Flash interface allows easy browsing and individual preview of thousands of movies, downloads are available directly and in several formats and resolutions.

Below is a sample from some of the 38 clips provided by Motionloops:


Showfootage is an online video and picture platform offering an image database for digital video and still images especially tailored to meet the needs of modern show configuration and staging. offers three different formats for direct downloading after your purchase and also ship your Clips on CD/DVD if you want.

Below is a sample from some of the 43 clips provided by Showfootage:

Installation CD

The NuVJ software installer comes preloaded with 36 clips from Analogrecycling; the demo version that you can download from this web site comes with these clips in medium quality (400x300px) but the NuVJ software installer on the retail CD will copy high quality versions of the clips in the software installation folder on your hard drive.



Analogrecycling clips are very nice to have at hand when the music starts rocking! They have a good VJ use value for both beginners and experienced VJ’s to add to their toolbox.

These clips are the result of a 'need' for some dark, high contrast clips, after searching for a clean graphical look Analogrecycling ended up with this black/blue red look and more grungy graphics based on this idea among others.

Below is a sample from some of the 36 clips provided by Analogrecycling: