amoeba (Jul. 2007)

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Hagbard Celine thee XXIII grand master of amoeba:a/v live scottish militant A/V sub-personality of amoeba design [1995-2007]

amoeba:a/v evolved from amoeba design in 2000, as an ongoing live A/V experiment by Hagbard Celine, sometimes seen as a blatant cathartic release of typographical hypnogogic megalomaniac delusions experienced as a full blown retinal and auditory off kilter re-mix of synched motion graphics, creative music videos, typographic majikal influenced memmetic rituals, A/V experiments and somewhat voodooesque animations and soundscapes created by amoeba design in theestateovcreation over the last 12 years.

Mac laptop, NuVJ controller & software, ArKaos VJ MIDI + amoeba library of motion graphics and synched sequences.

amoeba used NuVJ live in Moscow at the Abracadabra music / media festival april 2007: check out the movie.