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VJ Micology

VJ MicologyMichael Stern aka VJ Micology is based in Melbourne and has been very successfully using NuVJ for the last year. He found his NuVJ controller to be the most easy, fun, and cool to work with.

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amoebaamoeba:a/v evolved from amoeba design in 2000, as an ongoing live A/V experiment by Hagbard Celine, sometimes seen as a blatant cathartic release of typographical hypnologic megalomaniac delusions..

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VJ Surya - aka Momo The Monster

VJ SuryaSurya Buchwald, aka Momo the Monster was a full-fledge Drama Geek in High School. He shot his first videos as trailers for the school's plays and aspired to become a music video director..

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MarilorMarilor started as a Black & White photographer in France, she then moved to California in '97 where she became familiar with video technology and got stuck in the digital world of VJ’ing..

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