MariLoR (Mar. 2007)

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Marilor started as a Black & White photographer in France, she then moved to California in '97 where she became familiar with video technology and got stuck in the digital world of VJ’ing.

She makes use of the capabilities of image and musical real-time processing technology to explore visual story telling or immersive atmosphere through multi-media installations.

Marilor has been creating and performing audiovisual shows for various events and venues such festivals, clubs, art spaces and underground parties.

She’s now back in Paris where she provides customized visual concepts for private events and commercial venues, mixing cutting edge visuals with corporate imagery.

She also makes films for theater and dance, and collaborates with artists, performers and DJ’s of varied backgrounds to create narrative visual scenery and interactive stories.

She is currently working with American singer Beverly Jo Scott, creating films and VJ mixes for the musical show “Planet Janis”.

Marilor has offered 24 high quality movie loops that she created and that you can download for free when you register your NuVJ on this web site.