VJ Surya - aka Momo The Monster (Feb. 2007)

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Surya Buchwald, aka Momo the Monster was a full-fledge Drama Geek in High School. He shot his first videos as trailers for the school's plays and aspired to become a music video director - and then one day he saw 'Timber' from Coldcut and Hexstatic, and the prospect of being an Audiovisual performer was born.

He worked the club scene in LA for a few years before tiring of producing reactive wallpaper, and feeling the desire to let out his inner drama geek and become a front-and-center performer again.

He runs a monthly user group for VJs called Lava (Los Angeles Video Artists) where VJs and aspiring artists come to share their works, instruct each other and network for gigs.

His current focus is share.LA, a monthly audio/video workshop and jam where bright minds in audio, video and programming bring their heads together to create new performances in this powerful medium.

Surya also provides VJ courses at VJKungFu.tv, and you can see his work at MomoTheMonster.com